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Learning Keys offers Clinical Psychology services and interventions for a range of difficulties. These services may include interventions for:

  • emotional difficulties such as anxiety or depression
  • behaviour management
  • counselling
  • parent support
  • stress management

Additionally we also provide a range of assessment services. Understanding your child’s learning needs is critical in determining the best possible support to help your child succeed. An educational assessment completed by a Learning Keys psychologist covers intellectual, academic, processing, emotional and behavioural development to provide the most comprehensive information possible. A detailed report provides a summary of findings and makes a range of recommendations to assist in planning the best way to support your child.

Other assessments available include:

  • School readiness
  • Review assessments
  • Speech and language
  • Fine motor and handwriting
  • Assessments for adults

Some of these psychology services may be eligible for rebates from private health funds or from Medicare.

Speech Pathology

Learning Keys Speech Pathologists work with children and adolescents of all ages who have communication and/or learning difficulties. They are qualified to provide comprehensive Speech Pathology assessments and can offer therapy in a range of areas, including:

  • Speech – clarity / articulation / phonology
  • Language – understanding and use of words and sentences
  • Reading – decoding, reading fluency and comprehension
  • Writing – spelling and written expression, planning and organisation
  • Pre-literacy skills – phonological awareness
  • Auditory processing
  • Memory, attention and focus
  • reasoning and problem solving
  • social skills

Learning Keys offer centre-based appointments, and school or kindergarten visits can also be negotiated. Liaison with teachers and support staff can help to maximise progress and foster independence and generalisation of skills.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged to participate in or observe Speech Pathology sessions with their child, and therapy materials are provided for home practice. Parents play an important part in unlocking their child’s potential, and regular support at home is useful in gaining the most effective progress.

Some rebates are available for Speech Pathology services – check with your Private Health fund or ask your GP whether you may be eligible for rebates from Medicare.

More information:

Comprehensive Assessments

This is a crucial part of understanding your child’s learning needs, and a thorough assessment results in a clear understanding of your child’s needs and indicates which interventions will be the most appropriate.

The range of assessments we provide include:

  • intellectual
  • educational
  • behavioural
  • emotional
  • school readiness
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • speech and language
  • reasoning and problem solving

Read more about assessments at Learning Keys.

Dyslexia Interventions and Reading Improvement

Reading should be easy and enjoyable, but for some people reading is difficult despite good teaching and support. Brain research shows that those with reading difficulties, dyslexia, are “wired” in a way that makes reading inefficient. Good readers tend to have more efficient left hemisphere brain activity than poor readers. For those with dyslexia these neurological differences mean that reading remediation alone may not be enough to improve reading.

Read more about Dyslexia.

Adelaide Bedwetting Service

Bedwetting is quite common in school-age children: they can’t control it, and most grow out of it. However, for some children the problem persists. The good news is that for many children the problem can be treated using a night time alarm (bell) program. Learning Keys is now offering a bedwetting treatment service for children. This confidential service follows the guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence to ensure evidence based procedures are followed.

Bedwetting is often referred to as Nocturnal Enuresis and is a condition that is acknowledged by Medicare as one that can be treated by Psychologists with an appropriate referral from a medical practitioner.

The program offered at Learning Keys is suitable for school-aged children who experience regular bedwetting difficulties. A thorough assessment of your child’s needs will be conducted and at the end of this assessment it will be determined whether it would be appropriate to offer the bell/alarm treatment or whether a different appropriate might be more appropriate to your child’s specific needs. Both you and your child will receive support at every step along the way from a Learning Keys Psychologist experienced in treating this condition.

If you would like further information please contact us.

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